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December 21, 2016 Executive Secretary (707) 792-4722 


nonn ROHNERT PARK, CA – Tim Nonn was elected on November 8, 2016 to serve on the Cotati-Rohnert Park Unified School District Board of Trustees. After the election, District staff immediately reached out to Trustee-Elect Nonn, who is legally blind, to begin his transition, which included a welcome meeting with the Board President and the Superintendent. He was introduced to the District Information Technology Director Adam McKenna, who shared with him some technology solutions that could assist him with his duties. The District quickly furnished him with a MacBook Pro, with all assistive settings enabled, and installed the Dragon Naturally Speaking application so that text materials would be read to him. The District initiated the interactive process called for by the Americans with Disabilities Act, which was led by District Human Resources Manager, Karen Tedesco, and included the then Board President, Jennifer Wiltermood. Trustee Jennifer Wiltermood commented, “Our goal was to begin the process right away so that Trustee Nonn would be fully prepared to assume his duties.” 

Trustee Marc Orloff reached out to then Trustee-Elect Nonn at the November Board of Trustees Meeting and made it clear to him that the election was over and he would be welcomed to the Board. “I want Trustee Nonn to be successful and I offered to meet with him and share my knowledge and listen to his ideas,” said Trustee Orloff. 

The District made arrangements for Trustee-Elect Nonn to attend the California School Boards Association (CSBA) Annual Conference in San Francisco, which began on November 30 and ran through December 3. In order to assist Trustee Nonn with his disability the District proactively contacted CSBA to ensure that they knew a disabled Trustee-Elect was attending and that he would need reasonable accommodations. The District reserved him a room for the disabled at a hotel near the conference. Trustee Tracy 

Farrell organized a car pool and drove the attendees, including Trustee Nonn, to the conference, and while there all trustees offered to assist him as needed. The conference provided a beginning education for Trustee Nonn in school district governance, which included provisions of the Brown Act and how one conducts oneself as a trustee. Board President Tracy Farrell commented, “All school board members are required to be familiar and comply with the provisions of the Brown Act, including that no single Board member has any individual authority. The Board as a body has authority over the district.” 

On Tuesday evening, December 13, 2016, Trustee Tracy Farrell administered the oath of office to incumbent Trustee Jennifer Wiltermood and newly elected Trustee Tim Nonn. Prior to the December 13 Board Meeting Trustee Nonn was given all of the agenda materials in advance and arrangements were made for him to meet with district staff and fellow Trustees to have any of the agenda items and materials read and explained to him as needed. Trustee Nonn asked to be seated at the governing table next to fellow Trustee Leffler Brown, which the District accommodated. Trustee Brown offered to assist Trustee Nonn during the meeting. Also, seated next to Trustee Nonn was Assistant Superintendent Julie Synyard who was prepared to assist him as needed. District Secretary, Mindy McKeon, while responsible for taking and preparing the meeting minutes, also has the responsibility at all meetings to assist trustees, and as per an agreement made in advance was prepared to do so specifically for Trustee Nonn, as needed. 

District Superintendent, Robert Haley, and Trustee Jennifer Wiltermood, took Trustee Nonn on a tour to visit all schools in the District and be introduced to principals and office managers. Cotati-Rohnert Park Unified School District is the third largest school district in Sonoma County serving 5900 students in grades TK-12. 

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