Citizens' Oversight Parcel Tax Committee

Citizens' Oversight Parcel Tax Committee


The purpose of the Committee shall be to inform the public at least annually in a written report concerning the expenditure of Measure D proceeds. In carrying out this purpose the Committee shall:
(a) Actively review and report on the proper expenditure of taxpayers' money in accordance with Resolutions 1112-12 & 1516-1. (b) Advise the public as to whether the school district is in compliance with Resolution


The Committee may engage in any of the following activities in furtherance of its purpose:

(a) Receive and review copies of the district's budget
(b) Receive and review the district's annual financial audit
(c) Issue an annual report to be presented to the Board of Trustees at a regularly scheduled meeting


The Committee's role is for auditing and advising, it does not have the authority to override, or veto, any school district determination to expend Parcel Tax Assessment funds in a particular manner.

Committee Meeting Materials

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March 28, 2023 Agenda Minutes

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Sept 1, 2020 Agenda Minutes

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