Parcel Tax

Parcel Tax

Maintaining Quality Education in Cotati-Rohnert Park Schools

Thanks to outstanding teachers, challenging academic programs and strong support from the community, Cotati-Rohnert Park Unified School District (CRPUSD) provides a quality education for local students that prepares graduates for college and the workforce.

Maintaining Quality Education and Student Success

For over a decade, CRPUSD schools have benefited from locally controlled parcel tax funding that cannot be taken away by the State. This funding helps to attract and retain qualified teachers and support quality academic programs. Unless renewed by local voters, this funding is set to expire and CRPUSD will lose approximately $1.3 million in annual funding.

Renewing Expiring School Funding

On November 14, the CRPUSD Board of Education placed a measure on the March 5, 2024 ballot for local voters to consider that would renew the funding that is set to expire. This measure would extend the current rate of $89 per year without increasing taxes. If approved by local voters, funding from this potential measure could be used to:

  • Improve quality core academic programs including science, technology, engineering and math instruction
  • Attract and retain qualified teachers
  • Limit increases to class sizes
  • Provide career and job training
  • Protect career technical education programs, school librarians and libraries and art and music instruction

Fiscal Accountability and Local Control:

The local school funding renewal measure would continue existing fiscal accountability requirements, including:

  • All funds raised by the measure must only go to local CRPUSD schools and cannot be taken away by Sacramento
  • An independent Citizens’ Oversight Committee and mandatory annual audits would continue to ensure funds are spent as promised
  • None of the money raised could be used for administrators’ salaries or pensions
  • Senior citizen homeowners would continue to be eligible for an exemption from the cost

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