New Hire Onboarding

New Hire Onboarding

Current District Policy and Fee Structure

All District employees, including contractors, are fingerprinted

All certificated and classified substitutes are fingerprinted

All overnight fieldtrip chaperones (volunteers) are fingerprinted

All District coaches - paid & volunteer - are fingerprinted

Process for Fingerprinting:
Visit the Human Resources Department to pick up the LiveScan Background Check paperwork. They are in the District Office located on the Technology Middle School Campus. 7165 Burton Avenue, Rohnert Park, CA 94928

All fees are to be paid at Ameriprints, once you have picked up your forms.

  • Chaperones & Volunteer Coaches Pay: $47.00 DOJ/FBI plus $25 Ameriprints
  • Classified Employees & Paid Coaches Pay: $49.00 DOJ/FBI plus $25 Ameriprints
  • Teachers and Certificated Administrators pay: $32.00 DOJ plus $25 Ameriprints
  • Lawrence Jones Middle School EXL Volunteers pay: $47.00 DOJ/FBI plus $25 Ameriprints 
    -Volunteers may request fingerprinting reimbursement through EXL. Must provide EXL fingerprinting receipts in a timely manner.
  • Evergreen Elementary Only - pay: $47.00 DOJ/FBI plus $25 Ameriprints -Evergreen PTA will reimburse for full fingerprinting cost with submission of receipts in a timely manner.
  • Classified Substitutes, Noon Duty & Crossing Guards- District covers Ameriprints scan fee and DOJ/FBI processing fee.

Ameriprints accepts credit card, cash, or money order.

DOJ/ FBI notification can take up to 14 days. Occasionally the process takes longer. Eligibility of District employment or volunteer status cannot begin until all fingerprinting clearances have been received and confirmed.

*You only need to be fingerprinted through our District one time. Fingerprinting through any other agency does not transfer.