Employment Benefit information

Employment Benefit information

Visit myCVT to create an account where you can upload documents, print ID cards, find a provider, and learn more about your benefits.

If you have questions regarding specific coverage, please review the plan summary below, or contact CVT directly at 1-800-288-9870 or email them. Most information can be found on the CVT website here.

Watch the Benefits Slideshow for your Union to learn more about your benefits.

What is open enrollment?

Open Enrollment is the time when you can: 1. Switch Health Insurance Plans 2. Add/Drop Dependents without a qualifying event 3. Add or drop any optional coverage offered by American Fidelity (FSA, Dependent Care and Disability Plan Holders meet with American Fidelity every year)

When is open enrollment?

The Open Enrollment period happens every year, in the month of September. The effective date for any changes is October 1. You will receive an email at the beginning of each school year outlining the steps for Open Enrollment. If you aren't making changes to your Kaiser, Blue Cross, Vision, Dental or Life Insurance, you do not need to take any action. Keep reading for more important information.

If you are enrolled, or would like to enroll, in any of our optional programs offered by American Fidelity, including accident insurance, FSA/HSA, Cancer Insurance, Disability Insurance, etc. you MUST make an appointment using the links offered in the Open Enrollment Email sent out every August. If you do not meet with American Fidelity every year, FSA/HSA and Dependent Care plans will become void in October. We recommend meeting with them annually to update them on any salary changes that might affect the Additional Disability Insurance plans, or to hear about anything new they are offering.

If you do not know which medical plan you are currently enrolled in, please call CVT Customer Service at 1-800-288-9870 or create a myCVT account to see your benefit plan details, print membership cards, upload required documents, and to learn more about what CVT offers you.

Please Download & Complete Below Forms ONLY IF you are changing your benefit options or beneficiary designation. Submit forms to Human Resources by: September 15, 2023 for changes to take effect on October 1, 2023. CVT Benefit Enrollment Form - For initial enrollment and ALL plan changes

CVT Benefit Enrollment Form 

For initial enrollment and ALL plan changes

Kaiser Enrollment

For Kaiser selected plans, in addition to the CVT form

CVT MetLife Beneficiary Designation Form

For beneficiary changes ONLY

Plan changes can be made during Open Enrollment period every September, or if you have a qualifying event. Qualifying events require documentation and include:

  • Birth or adoption of a child
  • Court-ordered guardianship of a child
  • A Marriage
  • Registered Domestic Partnership (within 30 days - additional fees included for RDP)
  • A Divorce
  • Dissolution of a Registered Domestic Partnership
  • Involuntary termination of a plan covering the employee or employee’s dependent
  • A change in the employee’s employment status (classification/union change, or part-time to full time, or full-time to part-time)
  • A change in an employee’s dependent’s employment status when the employee’s dependent is covered
  • The cessation of an employer’s contribution toward an employee’s or employee’s dependent’s coverage
  • Acquiring coverage
  • Gaining Medicare
  • Death of subscriber or covered spouse or dependent
  • 25% increase in the employer/employee contribution to the benefit package

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