English Learner Program

English Learner Program

Choosing a Language Acquisition Program

Parents or guardians may choose a language acquisition program that best suits their child (EC Section 310). Language acquisition programs are educational programs designed to ensure English acquisition occurs as rapidly and effectively as possible. They provide instruction to English learners based on the state-adopted academic content standards, including English language development (ELD) standards (20 U.S.C. Section 6312[e][3][A][iii],[v]); EC Section 306[c]).

Language Acquisition Programs Offered

We are required to offer, at a minimum, a Structured English Immersion (SEI) program option (EC Section 305[a][2]).

Structured English Immersion (SEI) Program: A language acquisition program for English learners in which the district in accordance with The California Code of Regulations section 11309, is designed using evidence-based research and includes both Designated and Integrated English Language Development; is allocated sufficient resources by the local educational agency (LEA) to be effectively implemented, including, but not limited to, certificated teachers with the appropriate authorizations, necessary instructional materials, pertinent professional development for the proposed program, and opportunities for parent and community engagement to support the proposed program goals. Within a reasonable period of time, leads to: Grade-level proficiency in English, and Achievement of the state-adopted academic content standards in English. Education Code (EC) sections 305(a)(2) and 306(c)(3).

Input Regarding Language Acquisition Programs

Parents or guardians may provide input regarding language acquisition programs during the development of the Local Control and Accountability Plan (EC Section 52062). If interested in a different program from those listed above, please contact your child’s school Principal to ask about the process.

Right to Opt Children Out of a School’s English Learner Program

Although schools have an obligation to serve all EL students, parents or guardians of English learners have a right to decline or opt their children out of a school’s EL program or out of particular EL services within an EL program. If parents or guardians opt their children out of a school’s EL program or specific EL services, the children retain their status as English learners. The school remains obligated to take the affirmative steps required by Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the appropriate actions required by the Equal Education Opportunity Act of 1974 to provide EL students access to its educational programs (20 U.S.C. sections 1703[f], 6312[e][3][A][viii]).

Requesting the Establishment of a New Program at a School

To Request the Establishment of a New Program at a School: Schools in which the parents or legal guardians of 30 pupils or more per school or the parents or legal guardians of 20 pupils or more in any grade request a language acquisition program that is designed to provide language instruction shall be required to offer such a program to the extent possible. (EC Section 310[a].) To request a new program, please begin the process by providing a written request to the district office to the attention of the Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction.