School Business Leave

School Business Leave

SBL Information

Purpose: The School Business Leave Form (SBL) is used to authorize and track leaves for training and/or school business during normal school hours. 

Process: The SBL is completed at the school site or department and submitted to the District Office Payroll Department no later than six (6) days prior to the date of the requested leave to ensure timely payroll processing.

Required Elements:

  • Signed by employee and site/department administrator 
  • Regular assignment grade/subject
  • Dates and times of absence
  • Sub name if known
  • Reason should include program name (Work Based Learning, E^3, etc.) and/or destination
  • Budget code
  • Job # in Aesop
  • 3rd party billing contact name and email/phone # 

Department Contact

Department Fax: 707 792-4739