Student Attendance Awareness Month

Student Attendance Awareness Month

Happy Attendance Awareness Month

While September is Attendance Awareness Month, our district’s pledge is to create a culture of achievement for every student, every day, all year long! This year, our commitment is to continue to provide a safe learning environment while we focus on re-establishing good attendance habits and family connections.

“Showing up” is a valuable life habit –

it represents more than attendance; it’s an attitude – it’s showing up, being present, and being engaged. It’s also a great way to celebrate the start of our new school year. According to the research, attending school every day possible:

  • Helps kids get back on track and recover lost momentum
  • Promotes student learning and increases chances of graduation
  • Helps kids feel better about school and themselves
  • Improves mental health through socializing, developing friendships, building empathy and forming lasting relationships with peers
  • Allows for a personalized learning experience that keeps students from falling behind

Evidence shows that when families and schools have strong relationships, children are likelier to stay in school, graduate, and do well academically and socially. With you and your family on our team, we will successfully prepare, educate, and inspire every student.

Thank you for your dedication to show up all year long!