Travel Forms

Travel Forms

Seamless Travel, Smart Reimbursements

Purpose: District employees that are required to travel more than 50 miles from their work site on district or school business shall submit a request for pre-approval prior to making travel arrangements. All out-of-state travel for which reimbursement will be claimed shall be approved in advance by the Board. Wherever possible, employees are encouraged to utilize the requisition process for registration. Airfare and lodging shall be arranged whenever possible through the district office. Expenses requiring pre-approval include travel costs, lodging and conference costs. Employees that do not obtain written pre-authorization may be ineligible for reimbursement. Claimants for reimbursements must use the forms provided by the Business Office. All travel receipts shall be submitted within 10 days of return.


  • Completed form is approved by site/department administrator
  • Business Office reviews and CBO approves
  • Superintendent’s Office brings the request to the Board for approval/ratification
  • Approved copy sent to employee and Business Services

Streamlining Support

Purpose: Staff development must be approved by Ed Services and the cost accounted for by Business Services. Although sites/staff may arrange travel, trips are coordinated under the direction of Ed Services.


  • Top part of form is completed by attendee/requestor.
  • Site/department administrator approval, 
  • Copies are forwarded to the Business Office and requestor.
  • Depending on the purpose/destination travel arrangements may be made by the requestor/site or department.
  • Within 10 days after travel is complete, the claim for reimbursement section may completed and submitted with receipts to the Business Office.
Workshop/Conference Pre-Approval/ Claim for Reimbursement 2022

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