Interest Form

Interest Form

If you are interested in enrolling in the CRPUSD  Virtual Academy, please complete the interest form below.  

Thank you for your interest in the CRPUSD VLA Program. All students interested in the program must complete the Interest Form and attend one Orientation Meeting with their parent/guardian. Only students and guardians on the Inquiry Form will be invited to the Orientations. Once a student attends the Orientation, then the family completes the Master Agreement. New students are accepted at the start of each quarter. There are no students accepted in the middle of the quarter or after the start of the new quarter. Classes begin and end on a quarter system schedule.

Day One for Each Quarter:

1st - August 16
2nd - October 16
3rd - Jan 9
4th - Mar 25

There are multiple Orientation Meetings for the student and guardian to attend:

First Quarter
  • August 7 Orientation 5:30 PM In-Person @ Richard Crane
  • August 11 Orientation 1:00 PM
  • August 14 Orientation 4:00 PM
  • August 18 Orientation 11:00 AM
  • August 21 Orientation 8:30 AM
  • August 25 Orientation 9:00 AM
Second Quarter
Third Quarter
Fourth Quarter