Substitute Timecard Process

Substitute Timecard Process

Dear CRPUSD Substitutes,

We are excited to announce a change in the timecard process that will make the submission experience quicker and easier for everyone involved. Beginning in July 2022, you will fill out your timesheet and submit it to payroll using an online form rather than submitting a paper or PDF form. You will need to complete this form for each month and each site where you work.

CRPUSD Timecard

These forms can be initiated by finding them on the District Website under the Business Services Department > Payroll Forms> Time Card. [Resource]: CRPUSD Initiator Guide - Timecard

What changes and improvements can you expect?

Faster Processing Time: The online form allows for approvals to be done online, which will speed up the time it takes to process your request.

Know the Status of Your Form: Instead of having to call or email, you will now be able to check the approval status of your form online using a personalized link that will be emailed to you after you submit your form.

 Action Items:

Note: Please note that you do not need a log-in or password to fill out and submit forms; you can do this simply by clicking on the link above each time you need to submit a form or by clicking “Forms” from the Staff Portal.

Help Center: If you need help submitting a form online, please refer to the Informed K12 Help Center.

If you have questions about the new process, please contact:

Jasmine Sheeks, Human Resources Clerk

District Substitute Updated Information